Useful Tips for Effectively Cleaning Your Windows

Useful Tips for Effectively Cleaning Your Windows

Cleaning windows is no one’s favorite job to do, yet every homeowner needs to do it now and again. With the nice weather in our middle, there is no better time to get a really good start on your window cleaning. This chore does not have to be a grueling task in the event that you have the right tools and information. With some of these useful tips, your window cleaning process will become easier, and more effective, meaning you probably would not have to clean them as often. However, keep in mind, in the event that you have older windows that are in harsh shape, cleaning them may not be enough – you may have to consider getting new replacement windows. Presently, read on to learn some effective stunts for getting the cleanest windows you can.

Tip 1 – Timing is Key: Whether you knew it or not, there is a very effective time to clean your windows. No, it is not on the sunniest days of summer, rather, those dull, overcast days when the sun is in hiding. When you clean your windows on the sunnier days, typically the sun will evaporate your window cleaner before you have time to wash it off. This causes your clean windows to be patchy and streaky. So wait for the not all that nice, cloudier days. Besides, who really wants to be cleaning on a nice, bright day?

Tip 2 – You Need the Right Tools: There are many things you can clean your windows with, like that move of paper towel, however there are also tools you can use to get the best cleaning done. The best window cleaning tools to use are: a squeegee, old cotton tees or rags, newspaper, and your cleaning solution of choice. A Squeegee will help with those hard to reach, or larger window surfaces. Cotton tees or rags will help clean the windows without leaving behind lint or debris that paper towel can leave behind, and newspaper will perform magic which you can read about in a later tip.

Tip 3 – Toothpaste is Your Friend: That is right, toothpaste. Aging windows have gone through a ton with harsh winters and unpleasant storms and sometimes it starts to show Window cleaning tips. Little scratches can appear here and there on your windows and toothpaste can make them disappear. All you have to do is clean that small scratched area with a touch of toothpaste before you clean your window and you will watch the scratches disappear.

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