A Complete Guide On Confinement Food Recipes

A Complete Guide On Confinement Food Recipes

Confinement food recipes for soups, drinks, and dishes for mothers and fathers who enjoy cooking, do not require confinement food catering or have no additional help during the postpartum period. There are also breastfeeding confinement food recipes to assist mothers in increasing their breast milk supply. 

Week 1

  • Sheng Hua Tang

After natural childbirth, a Chinese herbal soup mix is developed to help moms heal their uterus and eliminate blood stasis.

  • Tian Qi Soup

Blood cleansing, blood stasis clearing, and blood circulation improvement are all acknowledged benefits of this recipe. Skin benefits, as well as the mind and body.

  • Dang Gui soup

To help tonify blood, eliminate blood stasis, and hasten healing following natural childbirth, try this recipe.

  • Motherwort herbal soup

Blood circulation advantages, blood stasis clearing, and treating prolonged lochia for natural childbirth are all benefits of this formula.

  • Uterus healing herbal soup

Recipe for a cesarean section to aid in uterine healing by improving blood circulation.

  • Four herbs soup

Tonify blood and clear blood stasis with this recipe for natural childbirth.

  • Pig’s kidney and pork with Dom Benedictine

Regain energy, improve blood circulation, boost body function, combat exhaustion, and feed the kidneys and body with this recipe. 

Week 2

  • Hawthorn and red dates soup

Blood tonification, blood stasis, and meridians clearing

  • Eight treasure herbal soup

The major role is to aid in the tonification of blood and qi.

  • Dan Qi soup

To increase blood circulation and tonify Qi, eat this nutritious soup.

  • Chicken herbal soup

Circulation and meridians strengthening.

Getting back in shape after childbirth may be one of the major objective, but whether a natural childbirth, a cesarean section, or a miscarriage, eating nutritious confinement food and keeping well should be a top priority. Try out these confinement food recipes to have a confinement period.

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