Various Methods in T-Shirt Printing

Various Methods in T-Shirt Printing

Diversity in T shirt Printing

Some others are the heat transfer method, the electronic or DTG method and the plastic technique. Of course there cannot be an ideal technique which can cover each and every.

Every method has its pros and cons.

Each can provide you more of something and provide you less of something.

There are certain Niches to which each technique is best used upon. This report discusses the some of the positive points and a few of the negative points of the screen printing process, the heat transfer process, the electronic or DTG method and the plastic technique. So if you are beginning a t shirt printing company or you would like a t shirt or any t shirts printed out or if you are only plan curious, then continue reading.


T shirt Printing Methods

Screen printing, is possibly the most common method available for class t shirt printing The prints which it produces are extremely durable and long lasting. This sort of printing guarantees very high quality prints and is the most economical in terms of cost to quality ratios. But of course, there are some flaws to it. The screen printing technique is highly limited when it comes to color choices. Additionally it is very limited in regards to the dimensions of the images and is extremely tedious to prepare. Therefore most businesses need a minimum order to get the process moving.

Then there is the DTG method or the Direct to Garment method. This method is significantly easier to do since there are fewer steps involved and the installation procedure is extremely quick. The print layouts with this method are also quite easy to customize. The trouble with this sort of method is the top becomes the brightest aspect of the graphic design. Vinyl printing is very good for a very small run. But actual, long runs do not suit this t shirt printing method since it would not be practical. Additionally, it has limited detail.

 T shirt printing for Certain niches

There you have some of the methods available today and their positive and negative sides. As we have said earlier, there is absolutely no ideal t shirt printing method as of yet.

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